Practical, no nonsense commercial advice. Valued and highly recommended Concise, business focussed and innovative Clear and unpatronising advice and an incredibly efficient service Draper Lang’s service is excellent, immediate and always commercial with a view of our business not just our legal needs.

Employing in-house lawyers is expensive – particularly when their specialised services may not always be fully utilised.

We provide our clients with an expert employment law service which is available 24/7 and 365/365 – but we want to be part of your team. Being more closely involved with clients makes our work more interesting and our advice more intuitive.

The hourly rates are extremely competitive and we are happy to agree fixed fees for projects and simple employment tribunal claims.

Subject to your agreement:

  • As part of establishing this service and without charge, we will meet with key personnel to get to know your company’s business, how it does business and how it likes to receive professional advice.
  • We will attend, without charge, HR and other regular meetings in order to keep abreast of day-to-day issues and to be aware of planned projects
  • We will provide an audit of current employment related documents and processes.

We will provide our advice in an agreed format and, if required, can produce letters on your company’s letterhead and/or in its’ style.

We develop specific employment document templates for each client using this service (all of which are regularly reviewed and updated).

We provide regular bespoke updates and training to suit the needs of each client.

We monitor your industry and, of course, keep abreast of any specific changes in case law or legislation that might affect you in regard to your employment law obligations.

We are also able to provide general advice and recommendations when hiring other specialist lawyers and can manage relationships with these lawyers whether in the UK, the US or Europe.

In order to suit the individual needs of each client we are happy to work on a time basis or on fixed retainers.

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If you would like to discuss this service or meet with us please call:

0207 183 2184