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  1. If you have one, find your contract of employment and check:
    a. the notice/termination sections*
    b. the terms that continue beyond termination (restrictive covenants etc)
  2. Check what you are being paid under the agreement and how it is calculated.
  3. Read the agreement carefully and mark the clauses you do not understand or agree with.
  4. Make a list of the possible claims or complaints you have against your employer to discuss with your advisor.
  5. Make a list of other relevant issues (such as: what is the reason for termination, do you have termination of employment insurance in respect of your mortgage or credit cards, what will happen to your benefits, what will be the effect of any restrictions on your future employment?)
  6. Ask your employer for a “word” copy of the settlement agreement and a copy of your contract of employment which you can email to your advisor.
  7. Are there any other documents relevant to your employment or its termination (company policies, bonus or commission agreements, shareholder  or share option agreements).
  8. Is there any property you would like to keep (mobile phone, laptop) or even just your mobile number?
  9. Have you been offered a reference, if so is it sufficient? Like all other terms this may be open to negotiation.
  10. What legal fees have been offered, check if these are sufficient in the circumstances with your advisor. Again it is sometimes possible to negotiate legal fees.
  11. Don’t delay speaking to an advisor – call 0207 183 2184.